Formed in 2014 to create meaningful experiences, we’re a passionate group of visionaries and strategists with over two decades of knowledge in marketing, communication and customer engagement. We walk the talk and only deliver great work, because “good enough” is not in our code of silence.

Capo dei capi
Capo dei capiThe Board
Borgata is overlooked by a veteran Board. The Directors are successful entrepreneurs running multiple profitable ventures from manufacturing, sales, real estate, marketing consultancy to social enterprise and publishing.
Seyed Ahmad Owais
Seyed Ahmad OwaisThe Boss
Borgata is spearheaded by Seyed Owais Ahmed. He brings over fifteen years of experience in business development, corporate sales, advertising and activations for leading brands like Standard Chartered Bank, Shell, Unilever, Pepsi, Telenor, HBL, UBL and many more.

Known for his meticulous planning, analytical, interpersonal and communication skills, his focus is always towards understanding brand needs and delivering solutions that drive effective results.

The Crew
The Crew
The team at Borgata is a hand full of seasoned managers in Strategy, Account Management, Creative Communication, Production, Administration and Finance.

Better brand experiences:

We’re a contemporary full-service activation agency that works to connect brands with consumers. We approach your needs with insight- rich strategy, impactful creative, and intelligent activations to consistently exceed expectations and keep your audience engaged. It’s these experiences that create lasting connections that build brands.

Researched Solutions:

We immerse ourselves in data and customer behavior to forecast trends and define KPIs. We uncover insights that create more meaningful experiences. And we monitor campaigns to optimize and deliver the greatest return on your investment.