A New Promise

That moved employees to lead change

When a brand starts over with a new brand identity and value proposition, inspiring employees to embrace the changeover is critical. Bank Alfalah was launching its new brand promise and we helped them proactively engage their employees to lead the change.

The refreshed identity of Bank Alfalah came with an evolved logo and promise of becoming an innovative and inspiring bank. The bank wanted to be seen as a young, dynamic and passionate organization ready to challenge its competitors with renewed vigor and commitment.

A first of its kind 3D mapping projection was used to unveil the new identity and promise. The entire event changed color from the old blue to the new red. The employees received their new employee cards and took a pledge with the CEO to embrace the new way of doing business.

Take a Break

With dhabay ka tarka

Nothing fills the heart with warmth like sipping a steaming cup of karak chai with your buddies. However, when someone craves for karak chai, crashing at a dhaba (roadside café) seems like the likely bet!

Tapal wanted a big sampling push to introduce its 3-in-1 instant tea variant of Danedar. What better way to make people taste the goodness of instant tea than to take the dhaba to them and we did just that!

A first of its kind college sampling drive was launched across Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Truck art inspired dhabas were setup at 28 campuses where students enjoyed making karak chai over gossip and their favorite board games.

Explore the Nature

And protect the communities we live in

Pakistan is blessed with a beautiful topography and the wildlife inhabiting therein. Unfortunately, we have ignored its significance and our interdependency with the environment thus endangering our habitats.

TDF embarked upon the journey to bring about awareness at the national level of the nature that inhabits our land and we helped them touch local communities.

The initiative was launched with special viewing of documentaries to the opinion leaders and press. This was followed by screenings in regional languages at 221 schools across 130 cities of Pakistan touching over 250,000 students.

Simulation Challenge

To instill entrepreneurship in young

Prince’s Trust International and SEED Ventures launched a simulation challenge designed to instill entrepreneurship in young people who learn the basics of setting up their own enterprises.

The first cycle of Enterprise Challenge culminated with the National Finals and six teams across Pakistan competing for the winning slot.

We organized the grand final at British High Commission true Pakistani style where the finalists arrived representing their cities in mini vans with live relay on stage. A live orchestra played regional tunes and audience polled live with real-time updates on screen for the Audience Choice Award.

Night to Remember

Showcasing talent extraordinaire

Recognizing top performers of any organization is vital. Such people need to be treated differently than the rest; they are special. With the launch of THE CEO’s CLUB, we did just that.

The achievements of employees sustaining exemplary performance year after year was celebrated with a creation of an exclusive fraternity – THE CEO’s CLUB. Showcasing the talent extraordinaire as role models for the rest of the Bank.

We organized an exclusive black tie event attended by the crème de la crème of Bank Alfalah clad in black tuxedoes and gold scarves. Juggan and Ali Butt were the celebrity hosts for the entertainment packed awards night. Special films were made to honor each member of the elite club followed by performances by darwish tanoura dancer Hamouda Abd Elrasol and JOSH band.

Scan & Win

By QR Code payment solutions

MasterCard was launching a first of its kind QR code payment solution in Pakistan with UBL. The MasterPass allows the customer to use their UBL mobile banking app to scan a QR code and pay for items in-store.

MasterCard wanted customers to experience the unique and easy payment solution and excite them to make it their first choice of payment method. We did just that and much more!

Mall activations were planned with discount offerings at retail outlets. The brand ambassadors educated people about the solution and conducted digital lucky draws every hour at the MasterCard installation for customers paying in-store through MasterPass. The retailers with highest transactions were also rewarded.

Digital Transformation

By enlivening the employee experience

Digital transformation is dramatically impacting the way people interact with brands. It is altering the traditional customer journey. To stay relevant and lead, organizations want their employees to embrace the shift and become agents of change.

With the launch of its best in the market mobile banking app, Banking Alfalah wanted just that and we helped them enliven the employee experience.

We built curiosity with every employee getting mystery notes. This was followed by a surprise flash mob and the 3-minute signup challenge. Brand Ambassadors educated 5000+ people across 312 locations in 8 cities of Pakistan.